10 methods to be a far better cougar huntsman

10 methods to be a far better cougar huntsman

Oregon’s population of approximately 6,000 cougars occupies a multitude of environment across the state, providing a year-round, readily-accessible hunting options.

Their unique nocturnal habits and stealthy personality making cougars a difficult large online game animal to quest. ODFW wildlife specialist Scott Napoli through the White River creatures region and biologist Herman Biederbeck from the north Coast provide these pointers to assist you pick much more cougars.


Ditch the diary. Winter months, after more larger games months has closed, is a good time and energy to search cougar. Wet, cold soil causes it to be simpler to track cougar. In addition deer and elk begin to concentrate in decreased height places, getting biggest tourist attractions to starving cougars.


Scout, locate, document.

  • Ahead of their search, spend some time in that particular niche scouting for cougar exactly the same way an elk huntsman scouts for elk.
  • Position cougar signal like songs (be sure you know what a cougar track looks like), kills web sites (cougars manage their particular eliminate and return to they later) as well as fragrance markers (a clean of leaves and branches that cougars use to draw their regions with urine and poo).
  • Document what you find on a chart or GPS. Whilst commence to accumulate facts, you might start seeing activities in just how a cougar moves in their area.


Install path cameras on ridgelines and game tracks observe what’s going on when you’re not there. Even better, focus on canyon areas, in which kittens always spend some time.


Make use of high quality telephone calls. Predator contacting is best option for targeting cougars being winning. But be ready to spend money on a good name. Consider the source of the sounds they’re recording while the quality of the electronic playback.

do not neglect utilizing pet telephone calls. Cougars are territorial consequently they are expected to explore the sound of some other pet inside their territory.


Contact extended and tough. Call longer for kitties – 45 minutes of steady contacting or higher. Twenty mins of calling occasionally may benefit some predators like coyote, but it’s perhaps not how to contact cougar.


Call properly. Pets were quiet and stealthy – you don’t want any sneaking upon your while you are calling. Listed below are multiple methods to remain safe.

  • Name while seated back-to-back with a buddy. You’ll posses a 360 amount see close to College Station escort reviews you and will also be in a position to bring changes phoning as deafening and lengthy as you’re able to.
  • Developed together with your returning to something like a high canyon wall structure that hold a cougar from coming upwards behind you.
  • Stay nevertheless, particularly when making use of mouth phone calls. Animated could potentially cause a cougar to think you’re the prey.


Think about a transferring decoy. They became legal at the start of 2019. Ready one-up and begin calling at a kill website or canyon entrance watching for cougar.


Don’t forget the details. Sometime it is the smallest things that can spoil your quest.

  • End up being quiet. When you get to your own hunting website, act as since stealthy because the cats you’re looking. Don’t slam the car doorways, hold discussion to minimum, stroll gradually and silently your contacting site, etc.
  • Manage the aroma — cougars has an feeling of scent. In which possible, install downwind regarding the direction from where you anticipate a cougar to approach, utilize fragrance aerosols to treat your clothes.
  • Take advantage of hue and address to make your self more difficult for a pet to see.


Be prepared, even although you aren’t always cougar looking. Most cougars are seen and taken by deer and elk hunters. Has a cougar tag with the you can make the most whenever a cougar possibility presents itself.


Think about cougar for dinner. We don’t know-how close cougar animal meat can be, as a result it’s worth taking some back strap homes and offering they a go. (Although you’re perhaps not lawfully required to salvage cougar meats.)