Keep or erase Bookmarks.Cleaning up favorites is actually boring.

Keep or erase Bookmarks.Cleaning up favorites is actually boring.

Clearing up bookmarks try dull or boring. The Firefox add-on Keep or remove favorites delivers some lighter moments to this chore by permitting that work through the bookmarks like on «Tinder» or close services.

Expansion Metadata

The add-on arbitrarily displays one bookmark, like the name, the URL therefore the bookmark folder. An individual possess a number of options:

1) maintain bookmark. The bookmark will be included with a whitelist and hold or erase Bookmarks will not query once again about any of it bookmark.

2) Delete the bookmark. The bookmark might be deleted from your own Firefox.

3) miss the bookmark and defer your decision. Hold or erase favorites can tell you another bookmark without having any activity.

4) open up the bookmark. You may be unclear towards bookmark yet. This solutions lets you open the bookmark in a unique tab before you make a decision.


  • Keep or remove Bookmarks usually shows one random bookmark
  • You can keep or delete the bookmark, you can easily start the bookmark in a fresh tab or you can defer the choice
  • After a motion Keep or erase favorites explains next bookmark
  • Hold or erase Bookmark makes sure that there is a constant look at same bookmark two times in a row
  • There clearly was a confirmation dialog as soon as you push on the delete key
  • You are able to disable the verification dialogs with one mouse click
  • You may eliminate bookmarks from whitelist at any time

Organized attributes

There is the roadmap and ask for additional features into the problem tracker.

The extension happens to be obtainable in here languages:

    Keep or remove favorites doesn’t work without having the appropriate permissions:

    – accessibility internet browser tabs

    The permission to get into the internet browser tabs needs to ensure that hold or erase favorites can hop toward already launched graphical user interface when the interface has already been launched an additional tab and you also click the key in internet browser’s toolbar.

    – study and alter favorites

    You setup Keep or escort Colorado Springs remove favorites to display and take off favorites so it should-be clear precisely why the approval is needed to review and change the favorites.

    Hold or erase favorites needs more permissions, but Firefox cannot prompt your after permissions:

    The menus approval is required for promoting a selection entryway in technology menu to access hold or Delete favorites’s user interface.

    The storage approval becomes necessary to make sure that Keep or Delete favorites can keep in mind which favorites you should keep.

    Being Compatible

    Keep or remove Bookmarks requires at the least Firefox 68.

    Report this add-on for misuse

    If you were to think this addition violates Mozilla’s add-on plans or possess security or privacy issues, be sure to report these problems to Mozilla making use of this type.

    Don’t use this kind to document bugs or consult addition attributes; this report will be taken to Mozilla rather than on add-on designer.

    The designer of this expansion requires which you let support their carried on development by simply making limited contribution.

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