Langa Hasegawa/Relationships.Langa understands that skating actually similar without Reki.

Langa Hasegawa/Relationships.Langa understands that skating actually similar without Reki.

Reki Kyan

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Langa’s earliest pal as he extends to Japan, they invest their own leisure time together. Reki teaches Langa how to skateboard. He demonstrates big self-esteem in Reki as really does Reki to your. Reki shows great focus for Langa and forces Langa to promise not to feel reckless. They seriously take care of each other and you will be one another’s primary buzz people whenever down. We even read Langa declare that Reki is actually remarkable and articulating their admiration towards him and his awesome observation skills. [1] Langa always understands in which Reki happens when he’s in believe. They reveal fantastic religion in each other. We come across Langa come to be far more protective and involved towards Reki, particularly after Reki will get hurt while race Adam. He starts to assist Reki with his hurt arm, avoiding Reki from getting careless, and worry about your more regularly. We come across this if they visit Miyakojima, when Langa try rushing in a beef and notices a red statue on the floor, considering it was Reki. Then he goes back to find him and apologizes for leaving him behind together with injuries.

Langa profoundly cares for Reki and tries to become a great buddy for your. However, due to their obliviousness with thoughts and distractions created by «S», the guy doesn’t determine Reki’s thoughts of inferiority towards your and attempts to become his buddy returning to regular by referring to a common topic, skating. We come across Langa worried about Reki as he spams his mobile asking in which he could be and waiting many hours by his door. After, the two get into a fight, creating these to get their separate techniques. Langa feels remorse with their fight and really wants to fix situations. He is spaced-out at S and believes everyone who’s not identifiable initially touch or glance try Reki, for example the guy got passionate when Adam touched their shoulder thinking that it was Reki, only to be found dissatisfied a matter of seconds later on. Langa additionally speaks to his mama about their feelings about Reki, stating the guy likes him, with a blush.

Langa understands that skating isn’t alike without Reki

Langa would like to revive the partnership, the guy doesn’t have the same adventure when skateboarding without Reki by his side. The 2nd day of S racing Langa knows Reki is there without witnessing him, which makes him passionate. When racing against Kojiro, Reki calls down for your along with his desire and thrill comes home. Following battle, the actual fact that he victories he doesn’t celebrate because the guy broke the board Reki produced him; resulting in Kojiro advising your he has to become Reki to correct the board for him, which makes Langa went after Reki to speak with him.

Langa visits DOPE SKETCH to think about Reki, when he does not come across your indeed there the guy heads to his quarters. Next the guy takes Reki’s panel and heads over to a skatepark in which Reki xdating profil later on locates him. The two skate with each other and Langa feels the adventure once again and finds out he loves skating the quintessential with Reki. Langa then thanks Reki for exactly what he has completed for him; phrase which make Reki blush.

Ainosuke Shindo

Langa and Ainosuke

Langa sees him as a solid opponent; during their competition he loves the flavor of excitement. Ainosuke shows fascination with Langa, bringing your flora and contacting your his ‘Eve’. He could be disappointed by what Ainosuke performed to Reki, yet still desires race and taste his experience against Ainosuke. Langa seems to perhaps not react a great deal on fanatical characteristics Ainosuke fixates your with, although do reveal fascination with skating against Ainosuke again after their unique competition try interrupted, and soon after imagines himself chasing after a picture of Adam while skating. Langa’s interest in Adam further wanes when Reki and Langa’s relationship suffers.

Langa found your as he wanted operate in his strengthening, although he rejected they. Nonetheless, Kaoru was the initial individual feel to discover the skating prospective in Langa in advance of his first competition against trace in which he wouldn’t reveal any worries during battle. Kaoru spotted him skating with Reki outside their building and showed fascination with your ever since.

During Langa’s race against shade, Kaoru he noticed that Langa made use of the skateboard like a Snowboard. He could be interested in his special design of skateboarding with his ability to get additional skills acutely quickly.

After enjoying Langa battle against Adam, Kaoru has a tendency to use his skills as a study software about how to beat Adam. Langa can turn to Kaoru for step-by-step guidance and details to profit themselves.

Kojiro Nanjo

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Langa and Kojiro

Kojiro views the experience and capabilities of Langa. He isn’t observed is as near to Kojiro as Reki is actually but the guy views Kojiro as a talented skater. Kojiro snaps Langa away from his trance and also revealed issue your young son. Kojiro tells Langa to rekindle Reki and Langa’s union and supports your giving your guidance to fix their particular small scrobble.

After Kojiro’s control, he could be viewed never to be distraught concerning control but concerned with Langa who’s disturb about breaking the board Reki produced him. He offered the recommendations going after Reki which Langa performed, showing that Langa trusts and takes Kojiro’s information.

Miya Chinen

Following competition against Miya, Reki delivers him within their duo. They appreciate one another each other people’ experience. Obtained a consensus about competition and race. They being nearer; we see Langa converting Miya’s review towards Reki, revealing Langa comes with some understand towards Miya. Langa and Miya often both cling to Reki and duplicates similar measures of Reki’s such as for instance getting into Hiromi’s auto as he isn’t really lookin. Both have a mutual knowledge of their mixed proper care of Reki that is found whenever Reki breaks their arm and so they both patiently await him in the future tell them what’s going on of course, if he’s ok.

Miya thinks Langa has big ability and possible which the guy brings him no nickname like he offered Reki.

Hiromi Higa

Like Miya and Reki, Langa makes use of Hiromi as a mode of transportation. He was one individual Langa ever before faced off against in «S». The males and your realize Hiromi is a lot more relaxed than his adjust ego trace and employ that on their benefit to become your doing factors on their behalf, like operating all of them in and taking place an island escape together.