I believe my personal gf is transgender, how do you be sure?

I believe my personal gf is transgender, how do you be sure?

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You’ll find male looking females it generally does not indicate they can be transgendered.

Really only bring a feel. if there’s rubbish for the trunk she actually is a dude. If you don’t. she is post-op and it is sexist and transphobic to phone this lady certainly not a woman!

(starting article by DanB1991) Well just have a feel. if there is junk for the trunk area she actually is a dude. If you don’t. she actually is post-op and it’s really sexist and transphobic to phone the woman anything but a woman!

I’m very sorry however the research supplied by the OP’s family 100percent indicate. you will be certainly one

We have a crazy advice, not ever been finished prior to.

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